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Window Shades - What To Buy For Your Home

Roller shades are right behind window blinds in ease of use, but are right at the top of the
chain of popularity for window treatments. Shades are are the Swiss army knife of the window
world, and they get that nickname for a good reason. From typical sheer window shades to solar shades that block UV rays, you are going to be able to cover and treat your windows however you please when going with shades.

The world of purchasing binds, shutters, and shades is a confusing one. Although it may seem
simple and easy to pick, by the time you are ready to go, you will have hundreds of options to choose from. We have compiled the best types of window shades on the market right now in this buying guide. We will be dissecting the pros and cons of each type shade and how long they will be lasting as window treatments.

The main window shades options are:

There are more shades out there, and even more blinds to cover, but these are the few we are focusing on.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are one of the most popular version of window shades. They have the look of
horizontal shades, but the functionality of cordless shades. They provide a plethora of styles to
cover the window. They can be cordless and even made of UV ray blocking technology.

The cellular shades are usually made of a hard paper and soft plastic mix, making them not the most durable. If you are looking for a more durable window cover that will withstand the test of time, this is not the option to go to. As you surf the other options, you will realize how truly expandable the cellar shades are. 

Roller Shades

Roller shades are very convenient, especially for hard to reach places or bigger sized windows. Vertical blinds are slowly falling out of the trend, and roller shades are taking their spot in the popularity contest and in sales. This window covering is rolled up at the top, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular window fashions.


Roller shades they look like curtains, but they couldn’t be anything more opposite. Curtains will give you a fit and will be hard to manage, but these shades will be a easy pull of a string away from perfect lighting. The shades roller will give you the ability to adjust the height and light very quickly and precisely. There isn’t a better solution for a long vertical window or a window that is usually out of reach for darkening.

Cordless Shades

Cordless shades are exactly what they sound like. They get rid of the shades roller or the
strings, and let you adjust the shades all with your own hands. The light control with this option is unparalleled, and the ease of moving these shades is the best quality of them.


If you are putting these shades in a place that is harder to reach on a regular basis, you are going to want to role with the shades with the handle to take care of the height of the window shutters. The cordless shades may be a bit more pricey, but the ease of the product is going to get you your moneys worth very early on in your relationship with the shades.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are an amazing option if you like that pleated fabric look. With silk, cotton, and vinyl as options to decorate your windows, the versatility and customization is next level. Roman shades fold on top of them selves to make them look as presentable as possible. 

Through Blinds By Kelsee you will be able to make your roman shades look exactly how you want them to be. The shades look like they are also folded on top of each other often, which only adds to the professionalism. Through different materials and patterns, you home is going to look fantastic with these at the front. They are most often used in main rooms and laundry rooms.

Outdoor Shades

There is no on specific model for outdoor shades, as they are only categorized by their ability to be durable and withstand crazy weather. There are plenty of blackout solar screens that will fin themselves on the on the porch, but that isn’t the only popular model. Thicker bamboo shades are also going to be more of a trend for the outdoors. Motorized shades for your outdoor locations are also fantastic ideas too. They limit the wear and tear on the materials themselves, while offering ready-to-go protection from the sun, wind, and rain.

The opacity on the the outdoor shades is usually going to be very low, unlike any blinds that you will get for your porch. Shades and blinds don’t do the same thing, and that is why you want shades, not blinds covering you. The slats will allow for the harsh weather to get you, as the light filtering material from the shades will keep the bad weather out. With all the types of
window shades, outdoor shades are going to be your best friend for durability.

Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are going to give you everything that you ask for. A cover and style on your
window while maintaining visibility. If you are looking for something to make your kitchen
window look less naked, this is the go to. It will give you some extra decoration while still giving you the view and visibility that you love. 

There are multiple styles for these type of shades, but the most common are vinyl. Sheer blinds aren’t meant to blackout the room, but just to decorate it and make it feel more complete.

Custom Shades

Custom shades are the best way to go. From motorized shades to solar blackout blinds, you are going to be able to hand-pick your materials and styles.  This will allow you to go all out in your pursuit of your dream home, with virtually nothing standing in your way.


That is why I am here.  I will walk you through your options and help you decide what window shades are going to be best for your home.  Let's get started!  Call, text or email me.​

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