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My clients are mainly looking for plantation shutters in Salt Lake County or custom plantation shutters in Utah County, but we do serve areas outside of that. Plus my hometown is right here in Herriman so if you are looking for custom plantation shutters in Herriman I'm your girl!  Click on the appropriate link if you came here looking for window blinds or roller shades.

These tend to go by many names; interior window shutters, window shutters indoor, wood interior shutters, inside window shutters, custom plantation shutters, interior shutters, custom shutters, window shutters, you get the drift...  Let's just start with plantation shutters.  

Window shutters are the most durable and sturdy window treatment. They can cover not only
the windows inside of your house, but cover and decorate the windows around the outside of
your house. They have been popular since the first Elizabeth’s reign in the 1550’s. Shutters
were so popular, they were often found on homes that had yet to incorporate pure glass
windows. These shutters were often just plain wooden boards, but they were enough to keep
the middle-aged house-wives happy.

Shutters have evolved since then, but not by much. Exterior shutters have since then added
color and an individual slat that looks nailed together to others, and often don’t even match the
size of the windows they are near. Indoor shutters are an easy treatment for interior windows,
but often come at a price point many are trying to avoid. In this guide, we will be giving you all
the information you need to make an educated decision with the shutters or window treatments
you choose for your home.

There are only two different types of materials used for shutters, and those are the Faux Wood
Plantation Shutters and the Wood Plantation Shutters. Although it may seem simple to know
how to pick between the two, you are going to need some guidance, and it isn’t as easy as it

Faux Wood Plantation Shutters

Faux wood is not something you want on the outside of your home. This is essentially fake
wood that isn’t going to hold up. Inside of your house? Sure, why not. But faux wood is not
something you want when it comes to outdoor shutters. Wherever you buy your fake and
artificial wood, you will be stuck with something between wood composite and a PCV/Vinyl
material. It won’t stand the test of time.  Trust us we can help you figure out all your window coverings.


Faux wood shutters are going to be suited inside of your home. With that being said, there are
still some limitations to the shutters. You don’t want the fake wood in direct sunlight too much.
This is a material that is going to need to be treated like a young child that has polymorphic light
eruption. Yes, it can see the sun, but not too often and not too long.


If you choose to cover an indoor window with faux wood, make sure that the window isn’t in a
room where direct sunlight is a common theme. If the window is facing a beach, don’t put your
window there. The mix of water, salt, and sun will ruin the quality of your shutters. In-home
design is going to be assisted by your faux wood shutters, but not your curb appeal. If you are
looking for your perfect shutters, faux wood is not the place to look.


Faux wood isn’t all bad. If you can find a place for faux wood shutters in your home, you should
put them up. Although it is rare to find such a place, they exist. For example, if you are wanting
some shutters in your basement but don’t want to spend too much, and the sun doesn’t hit there
too much, faux wood is going to be a perfect style.


Faux window covering can be perfect in some spots. A low-lit window is where you will want this
product. You don’t want something as cheap as accordion shutters inside of your home, and
there isn’t a large need for hurricane shutters in a low-lit area either. If you can snag a lifetime
warranty, or even a limited lifetime warranty on your faux wood, that is something. You should
do immediately as well. This will make your home a place where your shutters are coming in
fresh at least once a year.

Wood Plantation Shutters

Real wood is the way to go when shopping for shutters in or out of your home. The real wood is
going to be able to stand the test of time, and they won’t have a limited lifetime. You will likely
have the shutters you pick now as the shutters you have when you one day sell your home. If
you go with a louvers window shutter inside of your home, and the hinges are good, you will
also see these shutters live a whole lifetime.

If you are unfamiliar with louvered shutters, they are the kind of window shutters that have
hinges on each slat, making little doors in the window for the light to come in. Louvers shutters
the most popular shutter for the inside of a home, as they are covering the window and not next
to the window like most traditional shutters.

Louvers that are made with real wood are the best you can get for the interior of your home.
Shades don’t give you the durability that shutters offer you, and blinds are shutters are too
different to categorize them as the same. The width across the window and the frame the
louvers shutters possess are second to none. If you are looking for something to cover the
inside windows, this is it.
Louvers can block out bright white light, keep your house cool from the sun, and they can even
be made with custom wood.

As for exterior window treatments, you will want to stick with the real wood style. This is a wood
style that looks more like a panel more than anything. These will decorate your home in a great
way and give it a raised curb appeal. They aren’t going to protect your windows from a
hurricane or a tornado, but they will be giving your windows a new style that wasn’t there before.
You will likely not be replacing these shutters themselves often, but a nice touch up on paint to
maintain the quality is going to be needed here and there.

There isn’t any type of wood or paint in the world that isn’t going to decay or show wear and tear
throughout the seasons. With that being said, it is still important to choose the most durable
paints and woods for your exterior. If you live in the cold for most of the year, you will want
something that will be resistant to the wet winds that are coming your way. If you are near the
ocean, the hot humid days are going to plentiful. You will need something that will last years
after installation, as you don’t want to be climbing around your house more than you need to.
Find a wood that is up for that task.

There are many other things you can do to your plantation shutters.  I started a list below, but if you think something should be on the list that is not yet email or text me what it is!  These are all things that I will walk you through during our free consultation as well.

molding arond custom plantation shutters
Tilt Rod custom plantation shutters
hidden tilt rod custom plantation shutters

What if my existing window has a molding already?

That is just fine.  We will match the color of the molding so you would not notice a difference.  If your window doesn't have a molding around it even better!  Now you get to choose which molding you want to surround your new plantation shutters!

Visible Control Rods vs Hidden Control Rods    


This one is totally personal preference.  Some people love the rod down the middle of the plantation shutters.  Kinda has that country feel and I totally love that.  I also love the idea of a clean slat view.  Here are two

examples so you can see what I'm talking about.  There are many names for these as well.  Tilt rods, hidden tilt rods, rodless, control rods, and probably many others I can't think of right now. Notice how one of the images has another rod down the middle of all the slats and the other one doesn't?  That is the difference.

To Split or Not to Split the Tilt Rod in Plantation Shutters

This one is again preference and then what is the use case for the location of the window.  If they are on higher windows and you just want to either have them open or not then I would not advise to split the rod.  If the windows are in a bedroom I think it is fun to close the bottom 2/3 of the shutters and leave the top 1/3 open to let the light in.  This way it gives the privacy you want without taking away all the sunlight.  It just depends on how you would use it and what look you want.

50/50 split plantation shutters
rodless plantation shutters
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